Building a life - filled with hopes, dreams and a future … all starts with a place!! Whether it’s a primary home, retirement or a holiday home – home is where the heart is!! And it’s our PASSION to MAKE that place where you will celebrate and feel - welcomed, together, relaxed, safe and loved - a REALITY to experience!

Creating skilfully – our Clients and Projects gratefully verifies and confirms our commitment, quality, expertise, high level of standards and practical craftsmanship that we DELIVER. We are using a wide range of MATERIALS that satisfy the needs of holiday and residential market sectors such as:

- Nutec Fibre Cement (a mixture of cellulose fibre, cement, silica and water);
- Protected Treated Wood (Natural Resource) and also
- Long-established accepted Bricks.

We work and live – by Character, Values, Honesty and Integrity and take good care of our Clients and the Environment.

When completed - you will PROUDLY say: "home sweet home".



Need a Bond?

Timber Home Kits is able to assist you in applying for a bond for your timber home.

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Timber Home Kits is not a Financial Services Provider

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... and all Central African Countries!